How To Avoid Bingo Scams

There are hundreds of online bingo sites and fortunately most of them are honest and reputable. Unfortunately there are also a few bingo scammers out there ready to steal money and personal information from players. Since bingo players are a gregarious lot word of mouth usually spreads the news about a dishonest bingo site quickly and most are out of business in a matter of weeks or months. Finding accurate and unbiased information about some bingo sites can be difficult. Many bingo blogs and forums are owned and operated by individual bingo sites. Generally these are easy to spot and there are many independent bingo review and rating sites online.

It is easy to avoid bingo scams. It is not difficult to check the reputation and credibility of any bingo site. The best place to check the credibility of a site is the licensing jurisdiction of the site. Unfortunately there are a few licensing jurisdictions where almost anything goes so players should be sure to check the reputation of the licensing jurisdictions. There have been past problems with some Caribbean licensing jurisdictions. Bingo sites licensed in the European Union are generally safe and must adhere to strict regulations and standards.

Many scammers will lure players with great sounding names, promises of big wins and false advertising and news. Players need to stay informed and here are a few signs of possible trouble.

Misspellings and poor grammar are often signs of a scam bingo site. Pages may look like they have been assembled by a child. For legitimate web businesses image is very important. It is rare for a legitimate bingo site to have blatant misspellings on the home page. Keep in mind that nowadays just about anyone can put together a semi professional website using one of the many site templates available online but misspellings and poor grammar are sure signs of a scam website.

Scammers will usually ask players to use unorthodox deposit and withdrawal methods. Players should never send checks, cash or Western Union money orders. These methods enable scammers to take the money and run. Legitimate bingo sites accept credit cards and ewallet services and will never ask players to send cash or untraceable money orders.

Players should always look for a physical address. This can be tricky and scammers are notorious for using false addresses. Is there an actual address and can it be verified?

Look for unbiased reviews. There are many independent bingo review sites online such as Casinomeister. Make sure the review or rating site is legitimate.

While a scammer may pop up occasionally most bingo sites are honest and provide great games and customer service. By checking a few simple facts players can avoid scammers and be sure of the best bingo experience possible.

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