How To Find Online Bingo Jobs

Throughout the global recession there was one industry that actually expanded and created jobs; online bingo. During the period from 2007 to 2011 online bingo operators reported an 80% increase in player numbers. The rise in player numbers enabled the industry to expand and provide employment opportunities in many related fields. The online bingo industry has created jobs for marketers, software and game developers, television ad producers, chat hosts, customer support staff, internet security experts and in many other related fields.

Current job listings at one of the largest online bingo operators include a customer retention manager, brand manager, affiliate executive, customer retention analyst and a second affiliate manager position. Other available jobs include a service delivery executive, Financial Controller, Compliance & Information Security Executive, Business Intelligence Technical Analyst, Management Accountant, Web Analyst, Bingo Player Development Manager and a Bingo Commercial Analyst. As can be seen bingo operators are seeking employees with a wide range of skills.

For example affiliate marketing is very important to any web based business. The marketing concept is relatively new. Basically affiliate marketing is a performance based marketing strategy where one business rewards another for each site visitor or player sent by the affiliate. In most cases if the visitor signs up and makes a deposit the affiliate receives more money for the transaction. Affiliate marketing has created a new industry that includes affiliate management agencies and other affiliate marketing experts.

Chat host job listings are common. Chat hosts, or managers, are required to keep conversations going during games, keep the conversation civil, congratulate winners and make sure that players have a good bingo experience. Chat hosts are so important to the industry that there is now an annual award for the best chat host. Customer service skills are essential because chat hosts may be asked to settle disputes between players and must be able to answer questions about site policies and rules. Generally chat hosts work from home and have flexible hours making it a popular job option. Multi lingual chat hosts are in great demand and current listings are looking for chat hosts that speak Italian, Dutch, Spanish and French.

For those looking for jobs in the online bingo industry the corporate websites of the various bingo operators is a good place to start. Generally all available jobs will be listed along with the necessary requirements and qualifications. Good luck and good hunting!

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