How to Land a Bingo Floor Supervisor Job

While there may not be many jobs in the online bingo industry there is a demand for floor workers in bingo halls and casinos that have a bingo operation. Bingo hall jobs include bingo managers, assistant bingo managers, floor workers, paymasters, bingo callers, package preparers, and Floor Supervisors.  Basically floor supervisors make sure that everything runs smoothly in the bingo hall. Duties also include supervising the floor workers and the paymaster. The supervisor makes sure that the other workers are doing their jobs and are assisting players in a polite manner. The floor supervisor must make sure that floor workers go to players who shout ‘bingo’ and verify their win. After the paymaster has paid the winner a new game can begin.

The floor supervisor works under the assistant bingo manager. The floor supervisor assists the assistant manager in implementing special programs that maximize the halls profitability. The floor supervisor makes sure all rules and regulations are observed on the bingo floor. The floor supervisor is also responsible for scheduling workers and handling customer disputes and complaints. On average bingo floor supervisors make between $23,000 and $33,000 annually. Factors that can affect the salary include the location, size and reputation of the bingo hall. Experience counts and the employment prospects for experienced supervisors are good.

In most bingo halls supervisors work in shifts. Supervisors may be required to work weekends and holidays. Most casinos prefer a high school education of the equivalent. In some cases work experience can be accepted in lieu of a high school diploma. For supervisory positions between one to three years of experience is required. Depending on the state bingo floor supervisors must be licensed by the gaming commission. A background check is a must for any gaming license. Those interested in bingo careers should contact the human resources of the various casinos with bingo hall operations. Another good place to look is at casinos that are under construction. There are also a few websites that list jobs in the casino and bingo industry.

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