How to Learn 90 Ball Bingo

Bingo is a random game of chance where players try to match the numbers called to numbers on bingo cards. In the US most bingo games are 75 ball games. The 75 ball version of the game was invented by Edwin S Lowe in the 1920’s and was originally called ‘beano’ because of the beans players used to mark the numbered cards. In the US bingo is mostly associated with churches and charities but during the last fifteen years commercial bingo operations have sprung up all over the United States. Many Indian tribes have huge bingo operations and some say that commercial operations are hurting charity bingo.

On the other side of the Atlantic 90 ball bingo reigns supreme. It is the most popular bingo game in the UK and also has a long history. 90 ball bingo was introduced by sailors and mariners on merchant ships and was originally called Tombola. 90 ball bingo cards are much different than traditional 75 ball bingo cards. 90 ball bingo cards have a grid that consists of three horizontal lined and nine columns. Each column has ten numbers starting with 1 through 10 and ending with 80 through 90. Usually 90 ball bingo cards are sold in ‘books’ of several cards or tickets. There are several ways for players to win. The highest prize goes to the player with a ‘full house’ which means that all of the numbers are covered. Lesser prizes are awarded to players who complete one or two lines. Tradition dictates that if there are two winners the prize is split between the two.

90 ball bingo is the dominant game at most bingo sites targeting the UK. Although most online bingo sites offer several kinds of bingo 90 ball bingo remains the most popular game at UK bingo sites and at live bingo halls in the country. The game’s simplicity contributes to its popularity and most new players learn the game in just a few minutes. At bingo sites most players will help newbies learn the game. Many bingo sites have free 90 ball internet bingo games and these are a perfect way for new players to learn the game. In addition to 90 and 75 ball bingo many bingo sites are providing players with 80 ball bingo and 30 ball bingo known as ‘speed bingo’ because of the rapid pace of the games. Even better, many bingo sites have launched new mobile applications and now players can play 90 ball bingo while on the go!

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