How to Play More Bingo While Spending Less

Since bingo is a random game of chance with no skill based features there is very little players can do to influence the outcome of any individual bingo game. Players at live bingo halls can boost their chances by making sure they don’t miss any numbers as they are called and choosing an appropriate number of cards to play. Playing too many cards in a live bingo hall can actually hurt the player’s chances of winning. Online bingo players do not have to worry about marking their cards during a game. The auto daub feature available at most online bingo sites will mark all cards accurately. This feature makes it possible for players to play dozens of cards at once.

One very important aspect of the game is managing a bingo bankroll. For some players managing a bankroll may be difficult but most bingo sites offer a feature that lets players set limits on their spending. Here are a few tips that should help any player to play more games and save money for those high stakes onlie bingo games.

Always play in games with fewer players. Although the jackpots may not be as large players have a better chance of winning by playing games with fewer players. The odds of winning smaller games are much better than the odds in mega jackpot games. Waiting for high stakes games may be acceptable for those with large bankrolls but most players cannot afford to play 100 games without winning. One very interesting gambling statistic points out that 96% of all bingo players say they have won at least one jackpot. Players who win several smaller games can save their winnings to play in bingo games with large jackpots.

Although playing for smaller prizes does not sound attractive to most players games with smaller prizes offer the best chances for frequent wins. For players with small bankrolls win frequency is more important than the size of a jackpot. Playing for smaller prizes can have long term benefits. Smaller wins are more frequent and enable players to build up their bankrolls.

Players should always take advantage of loyalty programs and happy hour games. Loyalty points can have a big impact on a player’s bankroll. Players can use loyalty points to purchase bingo cards and some online bingo sites allow players to trade loyalty points for cash. At some bingo sites happy hour games offer players double loyalty points. Players should always look for games that provide them with extra benefits.

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