How to Play Online Keno

Most online bingo sites offer a selection of side games in addition to the usual bingo games. Side games include video poker, blackjack, online roulette, pull tab games and bingo’s first cousin keno. Like bingo, keno is very easy to play and since the game is random no special skills or strategies are required. Keno originated in China and was brought to the United States by Chinese immigrants in the 1800’s. At some online bingo sites keno can be a very exciting game because of the huge payouts that are possible. A $1 dollar bet on a keno game can payout as much as $50,000!

Play Keno for Free Online

In addition to online bingo sites there are several sites offering free keno games. For beginners free keno games are a great way to master the game before wagering any real money. As has been mentioned the game is easy to learn. Players select between four and ten numbers called spots. For example if a player selects eight numbers they are playing eight spot keno. Winning numbers are randomly selected and winners are dependent on what percentage of their numbers match the winning numbers. In casinos keno ball draws occur at the “keno booth.” At live casinos numbers are picked using mechanical devices such as blowers or hand cage. At free online bingo sites numbers are selected by a random number generator.

Differences Between Keno and Bingo

One of the main differences between the games is that keno players select their card numbers before the game begins and bingo numbers are called during the game. In casinos players pick their wager numbers which are recorded at the keno booth which are then printed on a keno ticket. Online keno is much like the video version available in bars, taverns and casinos where electronic gambling is legal. The card with printed numbers appears on the screen and players select their numbers on the card and push the start button. The random number generator then prints the winning numbers on the keno card.

Drawing Numbers in Keno

Generally keno players can pick between 1 and 15 numbers. Numbers that are chosen by players that is one of the 20 drawn are known as a ‘catch.’ A payoff schedule is provided that tells players how much a marked keno ticket can win. Keno odds vary according to the total numbers picked by the player. Keno is a great side game for online bingo players between bingo games.

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