How to Play Online Keno Games

Most online bingo sites provide players with a great selection of original side games. Side games usually include table games such as poker, other casino games such as roulette and lottery style instant win games. In addition to these many bingo sites offer bingo’s first cousin keno. Like bingo, keno is very easy to play and is a random game of chance. The main difference is that keno players select their numbers on a keno card before the game begins. A keno game consists of number selection, drawing and game results.

In recent years keno has enjoyed resurgence as a ‘vintage’ casino game. At land based casinos keno has attracted the attention of younger players and there is usually a crowd around the keno tables. Keno is also a popular party game and many bars and veteran’s organizations host keno nights. Keno is available at online bingo sites twenty four hours a day and many sites feature live keno callers. The typical keno card contains numbers from 1 to 80 in a grid consisting of 10 columns and 8 rows. In live keno games the numbers correspond to the numbers on numbered balls in the keno machine. Online keno numbers are selected by a random number generator.

Players select twenty numbers and mark them on their card before the game begins. Players then determine how much they want to bet and how many keno games they want to play. At casinos the keno tickets are given to a runner who then issues an electronic keno ticket. Payments to the player are dependent on the numbers entered into the computer. The house then draws twenty numbers and if they match the number on the player’s ticket they win the jackpot. The amount of money won depends on how many numbers have been matched.

There are several ways to bet on a keno game and most online bingo sites offer the same kind of bets as live casinos.

Straight bets allow players to bet on single numbers. Players can make straight bets in fifteen numbers. In casinos the lowest allowed bet if $1.

Way bets enable keno players to bet on groups of numbers within a keno game. Way bets can yield small consistent wins for players. Way bets are the most complicated because players must select assorted combinations of numbers from preferred groups of numbers.

Split bets allow players to bet multiple groups of numbers in the same keno game. There are many gambling blogs that thoroughly explain the different types of keno bets. Players at online bingo sites have it much easier than casino players. Most of the work is already done and keno at online bingo sites is very similar to electronic keno machines found in bars, pubs and casinos. Keno can provide hours of fun and a break from online bingo games not to mention the chance of winning a sizable jackpot.

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