How To Play Slots Tournaments

Most online bingo sites offer much more than bingo games. Generally online bingo sites provide players with an extensive selection of side games. Typical side games are roulette, blackjack, video poker, slots, baccarat, pull tabs and instant win games. At many online bingo sites slots are just as popular as bingo. Advances in software and flash technology have enabled game developers to create casino quality games with amazing graphics and animations. There are classic three reel slots and highly sophisticated five reel multi payline slots. Many slots are based on popular themes. Some are based on movie themes such as the ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ slots or the popular Harry Potter slot games. During the holidays most online bingo sites roll out their holiday themed online slots. At most land based casinos slots account for a large share of casino revenues. Many online bingo sites hold regular slots tournaments.

Poker Paves the Way

In the past poker tournaments were the only way for gamblers to interact. Today slot tournaments are just as popular. Many people think of online slots as a solitary pursuit but nothing could be further from the truth. Online bingo sites added slots tournaments as a way to generate interest in their slot games and to give slots players the chance to interact with other slot enthusiasts. Bingo sites usually post their tournament schedules in their promotions section. Players should always read the rules and the terms and conditions for any slot tournament to avoid misunderstandings.

BingoHouse Slots Tournament

Slot tournaments will vary from site to site. This month BingoHouse is hosting a several slot tournaments that are typical of most slot tournaments hosted by online bingo sites. In this tournament there will be ten winners every week. The top 10 players with the most aggregated winnings will win.  Usually cash prizes range from $100 to $500. This tournament is typical of slot tournaments held at online bingo sites. For those that want to participate in slot tournaments at online bingo sites here are a few helpful tips.

1. Play fast and keep your finger on the spin button. Usually the player with the most spins if a winner.

2. Players should concentrate on their games. Make sure not to get distracted.

3. Get plenty of rest before the tournament. A tired player is an ineffective player.

4. Take an occasional break. Sitting in one place for hours puts stress on the body. Make sure there are plenty of snacks and drinks available.

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