How to Resolve a Complaint at an Online Bingo Site

For players that may have a complaint about an online bingo site there is not a lot of information about resolving complaints and disputes. Fortunately disputes and complaints are at online bingo sites and operators go to great lengths to provide stellar customer service. In the UK and Europe players are protected by various gambling commissions and regulators. Offshore gaming sites are another story. Resolving a complaint with some offshore operators can be difficult if not impossible. Some sites have been known to ban players who have lodged a complaint. Other excuses used to ban players have been ‘bingo bonus abuse’ and at some sites being perceived as a ‘difficult player’ has resulted in bans. Some sites will not respond to complaints and make email and phone contact as difficult as possible. For players who may have a complaint here are a few tips.

Players should always know all of a site’s terms and conditions. Wagering requirements can be excessive and some promotions and bonuses may be misleading. Players should familiarize themselves with all of the rules especially those connected with withdrawals and bonus wagering requirements. Most complaints fit into these two categories.

Players should gather all the evidence they can. This can include screen shots, chat logs and other details. If the complaint is due to technical issues at the site players should note the exact time and date the problem occurred. Usually there is a game ID number on the game screen and this should be noted.

Players should try to contact the site’s operator. IT is important to be polite and state the case as clearly as possible. At some sites impolite behavior can get players banned and can cause further problems.

Approaching a chat monitor is a good place to start with a complaint. Most complaints can be settled fairly easily. Many sites offer live customer service chats in real time and if the site has a telephone number listed try to tale to the appropriate person. If the chat monitors are too busy to address a problem they can point players in the right direction.

Players in the UK that have tried to address a problem or complaint without success can go straight to the UK Gambling Commission. Players at offshore bingo sites will have to contact regulators in the jurisdiction where the site is located. Sites licensed in EU countries are generally subject to strict regulations and take complaints seriously. The good news is that most online bingo complaints are easily resolved and operators are eager to retain players so it is their best interest to keep players happy and coming back.

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