How to Resolve a Dispute at a Bingo Site

For the most part the internet bingo industry has a good reputation in the online gaming industry. In the UK and Europe most bingo sites are regulated and must adhere to strict regulations. In the UK bingo sites doing business within the country must be on a ‘white list’ of approved licensing jurisdictions maintained by the UK gambling commission.  Players in Europe and the UK enjoy a high level of protection. Occasionally disputes take place between players and bingo operators and in most cases disputes are easily and fairly settled.

Should a dispute arise players should always contact the bingo site’s customer service department. Most legitimate bingo sites have customer service representatives available 24/7. Industry competition is fierce so most bingo sites are eager to avoid disputes and bad press. If the bingo provider fails to resolve the dispute players should contact the site’s licensing jurisdiction in the country where the site is licensed. Players should always know where their bingo site of choice is located because in many instances regulators can only handle complaints from within the licensing jurisdiction. The licensing information for most bingo sites is located in either the FAQ section or on the home page. As an example the UK Gambling Commission has no authority over a site licensed in Costa Rica or Curacao.

As has been mentioned British online bingo players enjoy an extra level of protection provided by the gambling commission. Only bingo sites licensed in white list jurisdictions may advertise in the UK. Recent reports indicate that this year the UK may require all bingo sites doing business in the UK to be licensed by the UK government and be subject to taxation. In addition to white list jurisdictions bingo sites located in the EEA (European Economic Area) are allowed to advertise in the UK. Bingo sites in the EEA are subject to strict gambling laws.

Some disputes can be steeled by credit card companies and online payment processors. Generally bingo sites are eager to correct any mistakes or settle disputes. If no resolution can be reached then government regulators are the best option. Fortunately most bingo disputes never reach government regulators. Most disputes are handled fairly and amicably and generally are settled in favor of the player. Fortunately most online bingo players will never have to settle any kind of dispute and hopefully the online bingo industry will maintain its very high standards.

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