How to Resolve a Dispute with a Bingo Site

A vast majority of online bingo sites are run by reputable companies but unfortunately there are still a few bad apples out there. Most bingo sites are licensed in jurisdictions with strict rules and regulations but there are a few licensing jurisdictions where the rules are much looser or are not enforced. Even at reputable bingo sites disputes will take place and most reputable bingo providers will go to great lengths to resolve player complaints. Most disputes are the result of simple misunderstandings where players have not read the terms and conditions or site policies. Unfortunately some bingo sites are less than helpful in resolving customer complaints and there have actually been cases where a bingo site has shut down communication with players. In a few cases players have been banned for complaining.

Some less than honest bingo sites will hide behind vague and cryptic terms and conditions designed to deceive players or have implemented terms that make it all but impossible for bingo players to access their winnings. The good news is that players do not have to stand for deceitful tactics and if a dispute arises and the bingo site is nonresponsive there are actions players can take to resolve almost any dispute.

Most internet  bingo sites are licensed by a gaming licensing body of some sort. Sites that do not provide licensing information should be avoided at all costs! Players can file complaints with the bingo site’s licensing body if all efforts to resolve a dispute fail. When dealing with licensing bodies it is a good idea to have certain information readily available.

If possible take a screen shot if the dispute is about a game window freezing or a similar event. There are several websites with very easy instructions about taking screen shots and players at internet bingo sites should learn how to take a screen shot. Most games have a game ID somewhere on the game screen and it will give the bingo site an accurate record of when the site malfunction happened.

If a player takes a complaint to a chat moderator be sure to be polite. Many bingo sites will ban ‘troublesome’ players and being banned can make it very difficult, if not impossible, to resolve a dispute.

Keep an accurate record of all transactions. Usually these can be downloaded for a bingo site’s banking section. If they can’t be downloaded then request a transaction log from the bingo site. If the bingo site is reputable they should have no problem providing players with transaction logs.

Keep a complete record of everything related to the dispute including chat logs, emails, live chats and other information. If the dispute occurred in a chat room be sure to note the date and time.

Most importantly read all of the terms and conditions before signing up and playing at any bingo site. Avoid bingo sites where the terms are less than favorable ore are worded in such a way to make them difficult for the average player to understand. Most disputes are a result of players failing to read site policies and terms and conditions.

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