How to Spot a Rogue Casino

How to Spot a Rogue CasinoThe online bingo industry has been relatively free of scandals and criminal activity. For the most part online bingo sites are safe and the games are fair and random. Unfortunately there are a few bad apples out there but they are usually quickly discovered and put out of business. The UK has a large regulated online gaming industry and online gamblers in the UK enjoy a level of consumer protection that is the envy of gamblers in unregulated jurisdictions. Rogue bingo sites and casinos are easy to spot and here are a few tips to help players ‘spot the rogue.’

Google is a gamblers best friend. Google is easily the best browser for any kind of online research. Players should never search for a casino name. Most likely they will see a long list of sites promoting the casino. It is better to type in other words along with the casino’s name such as “casino x problems” and so on.

Players should take a long hard look at the casino’s website. Are there spelling and grammar mistakes? If so it is probably better to avoid the casino. Avoid sites with generic names. A website name can reflect on how many resources the operator has invested in while setting up the site. The site should contain the following information;
The software provider.
The licensing jurisdiction.
What company owns and operates the casino.

Most reputable casinos display their software provider prominently on the home page. If a casino does not divulge its software it should be considered a red flag. Licensing jurisdictions are important. Most sites from Central America are unlicensed. Use extra caution when dealing with casinos licensed in Central America.

Make sure the terms and conditions are written in easy to understand English. Rogue casinos will attempt to outsmart players. The old adage “if it’s too good to be true it probably is” can be applied to many bonus offers. Make sure to get everything in writing. Accepting bonus offers is not obligatory at most reputable gaming sites.

Players need to be alert and do their homework before signing up at any online bingo site or casino.

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