How to Spot Bingo ‘Ghost’ Players

Internet bingo is played by about three million players every week. Since bingo is a random game of chance and not skill based every player has an equal chance to win any particular bingo game. At some less than reputable bingo sites there are players who seem to have extraordinary luck. These players are known in the online bingo world as ‘ghost players’ and are the same as house players or shills in a casino or online poker room. Ghost players are usually not real –players but are robots powered by software that pretend to be live players. One report says that at some online bingo sites as many as 20 ghost players may be active at the same time. The reason less than scrupulous bingo sites use ghost players is simple; to keep payouts to real players at a minimum.

This unfair and dishonest practice is the bane of the bingo industry. Most bingo websites are licensed in jurisdictions with strict rules and regulations that prohibit the use of ghost, or house, players. Fortunately there are some tell tale signs that will help players identify ghost players. One sign of a ghost player is that they seem to win way too often. While a lucky player may occasionally win several games during a playing session it is not normal for a player to win every second or third game consistently. If a player sees this happening frequently then it is time to find another bingo site to play at.

If your luck seems to be extraordinarily bad you may be playing at a site using ghost players. Every bingo player wins once in a while especially when playing the maximum number of cards. If you are spending a lot of money on cards and never win this is a sure sign of a dishonest bingo site. If you play for several sessions without a win then it is time to find another bingo site.

An unchanging pot can be another sign of ghost players. Usually winning bingo card prizes are determined by the number of players in the game. The more players there are in a game the more each winning card is worth. As an example if there are 30 players and the pot stays the same size as it was when there were 15 players then in all likelihood there are 15 house players in the game.

Fortunately for online bingo game players most bingo sites like BingoHouse are honest and aboveboard and are safe. If you want information and reviews of any bingo site simply Google the name of the site and you can read the reviews and player experiences. Like any other industry the online bingo industry has its bad apples but fortunately for players reliable information is only a mouse click away.

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