How to Use Loyalty Points

Today there are about 400 online bingo sites competing for the same pool of players. Bingo providers are offering players giant jackpots, fun events, free bingo tournaments and much more. The bingo industry has realized that player retention is just as important as acquiring new players and most bingo sites have developed various programs designed to keep players coming back for more.  Player loyalty programs are designed to reward long term loyal players. Here are a few of the features of loyalty programs.

Most player loyalty programs are based on loyalty points earned by players as they play online bingo games. Loyalty points apply to regular games and most tournament games. Once the loyalty points are earned they are deposited in the player’s account and can be exchanged for bingo cards and in many cases for real cash. Some bingo sites actually award loyalty points to players right after they have signed up and created an account. In addition to loyalty points players can also earn points if they refer a friend. At some sites players can earn thousands of points for referring a friend!

As has been mentioned players can usually trade their accumulated loyalty points for cash. Once a player has accumulated enough points they can trade them for cash. At one popular UK based online bingo site it takes 1,000 points to earn £1 pound. Different bingo sites have different conversion rates. While 1,000 points may sound like a lot points can be rapidly earned. Players should always look for the bingo site with the best loyalty point scheme. The online bingo industry is focused on player retention and many major bingo brands have revamped their loyalty points programs.

Loyalty points can also be used to purchase bingo cards. Essentially cards purchased with loyalty points are free. By purchasing cards with points players have free chances to win more bingo money.

At most bingo sites players can enter bingo tournaments using loyalty points. Players should look ion the promotions page at any bingo site to find tournaments that can be entered using loyalty points. Using points is a great way to play tournaments and possibly win a huge tournament jackpot.

Trading loyalty points for free cards, tournament entries, and free cash is always great. Many online bingo sites offer a variety of prizes like luxury vacations, electronics and great merchandise. At some bingo sites loyalty points can be traded for these great prizes. Loyalty point programs are a great way for bingo players to stretch their bingo bankroll.

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