Interesting Mobile Bingo Statistics

It was inevitable that the online bingo industry adopted mobile technology. Many experts say that mobile bingo will be the driving force behind industry expansion in the near future. Most of the top online bingo operators have launched mobile applications. Smart phone use is gaining in popularity among online bingo players. A recent survey of bingo players showed that currently 57% of all players surveyed so not own a smart phone. The survey also showed that 9% own Blackberries, 8% own iPhones and 26% own Android phones.

The survey also asked which devices players preferred when playing online bingo games. 61% said they used a laptop or notebook to play, 23% preferred a desktop pc, 3% liked Android phones, 4%used iPhones and 9% preferred a tablet device. Mobile technology presents several challenges for the online bingo industry. For example iPhones and iPads do not support Flash technology. Most online bingo operators currently use flash to power their games making this a serious challenge. The absence of a keyboard makes it difficult or impossible to participate in chat rooms at online bingo sites. This is a serious drawback because chat rooms are probably the most popular feature at online bingo sites. The smaller screen size limits the display of bingo cards and the lack of screen space limits participation in side games.

Despite the many drawbacks mobile bingo technology also provides operators with opportunities. Players can pre purchase bingo cards and tickets using a mobile application. Online bingo operators and marketers can use mobile applications as lead generation tools. Gambling statistics show that unlike computer based bingo there is minimal competition in the mobile bingo market. Mobile bingo gives players the opportunity to play just about anywhere a signal can be received. Many office workers use mobile technology to play a few quick bingo games during breaks. In most first world connectivity is not a problem.

The rising popularity of mobile bingo has prompted smart investors and game developers to create games that allow players the ability to access them via their smart phones and mobile devices. Even better mobile costs have declined and mobile service is more affordable than ever. Currently there are about four hundred bingo sites and amazingly very few offer mobile bingo leaving a huge market untapped by most bingo operators. Online bingo operators have invested heavily in keeping up with the latest technologies and the result is high quality bingo games that can be played from anywhere the player happens to be.

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