Internet Bingo Has Global Impact

Many people think of bingo as a European or American game. Nothing could be further from the truth and there are over 100 million bingo players globally. Bingo is a game that is well over five centuries old and most people have played a version of bingo at some point in their lives. Until recently bingo was the domain of senior citizens and pensioners but thanks to the internet all of that has changed. The success of bingo lies in the game’s ability to adapt to new technologies and changing times. The internet has allowed bingo to travel to countries and cultures where it was unknown until recently.

At many bingo sites hundreds of players participate in games every day. Some progressive jackpot internet bingo games have attracted thousands of players for a single round of games! The United Kingdom has the most bingo players followed by Croatia, Romania, Denmark, Argentina, Sweden, Canada, the Netherlands, the United States and Australia. Because internet bingo is available 24/7 players from all time zones can find games to suit their schedule no matter where they are located.

Bingo is gaining in popularity in Spanish speaking countries and in South America. Bingo is popular in Argentina and the first bingo halls just opened in Brazil. In Italy the future looks very bright for bingo sites. Internet bingo is now available in several languages and as internet bingo spreads the number of available languages will increase. In India gambling is illegal but fortunately the internet provides gambling without borders to players everywhere. At the present time most bingo activity takes place in the state of Goa and cruises offering bingo and other casino games are popular. India is one of the premiere destinations for IT development, computer manufacture and software development. Since a sophisticated infrastructure is already in place internet bingo could have a very bright future in India. Several UK bingo sites have reported extensive game participation by those located in India.

Bingo operators are always on the lookout for new markets and players. The recent expansion of bingo into Spain, Italy and Scandinavia has been very successful for bingo sites like BingoBoat. As the global recession recedes the number of players is bound to increase and bingo sites are ready. Many in the industry are predicting some very big changes in the bingo industry this year.

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