Internet Bingo Jackpots Get Even Bigger!

A recent study conducted to find out why people play online bingo found that the major reason most play bingo is entertainment. In other words people play internet bingo because they find it entertaining and exciting. Socialization was high on the list and many players said that the quality of chat rooms was a deciding factor in selection an internet bingo site to play at. Third on the list was the ability to win money playing bingo. While most gamblers cite money as the main reason for playing bingo players have other priorities. For those playing at bingo sites socializing and bonding with other players is more important than winning money.

Statistics have shown that 90% of all internet bingo players have won a game at some point in their playing career. While a majority of these payouts have not been large they are enough to keep players coming back to bingo sites. Compiling statistics about how many people have won playing at bingo sites would be difficult if not impossible because of the huge number of bingo sites operating around the world. Internet bingo jackpot records are being broken all the time and last year internet bingo produced its first internet bingo millionaire.

The biggest bingo jackpot in history was won at a land based club in the UK. 53 year old grandmother Christine Bradfield was playing at a local bingo club in Wales when she won a £ 1.1 million pound bingo jackpot playing the mega jackpot National Bingo Game. The National Bingo game is played in 470 clubs across UK and usually has the biggest bingo jackpot available to players. The payout to Christine Bradfield is probably the largest bingo payout to date. The total winnings at online bingo sites are difficult to estimate. There are about 60 million online bingo players around the world. In the US where internet bingo is illegal there are still over 50,000 land based bingo halls and thousands of Americans continue to play at bingo sites despite the law.

All of the big bingo winners have been from the UK because of the popularity of the game in the UK.  The highest online bingo jackpot won so far is about $1.96 million dollars. There is little doubt that as the online bingo industry grows and expands the number of players will increase causing jackpots to get even bigger than they are now.

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