Is Bingo Hall Crime Driving Players to Online Bingo Sites ?

A news article published last summer asked if crime at bingo halls was driving more players to try online bingo. In an amazing statement the article said that “the heightened risks associated with visiting bingo halls is certainly tempting a lot of players to try their hand with online bingo.” The article mentions a few robberies of land based bingo halls providing the dates of the robberies and how much money was stolen. The article mentioned three examples; one robbery that took place in March 2011, another robbery from 2007 and one that took place in July of this year. For most rational people three robberies over a period of five years do not make a ‘trend.’ Bingo halls are subject to robberies but so are banks, stores, homes and even churches have been robbed.

What the article failed to mention is that all of the robberies took place after the games were over and players had left the halls. Most bingo hall robberies take place at night when the games have ended and there is a pile of bingo cash in the safe. In all of the cases the only people that were in real danger were the staffs and not the players. One person critical of the article said that players were in more danger laughing after reading the article and its suppositions. The suggestion that thousands of bingo players have switched to online bingo because of bingo hall crime is ridiculous and not borne out be any real evidence.

There are many factors that lure players into trying online bingo but bingo hall crime is not one of them. Most online bingo players say they like the convenience and the availability of games 24/7. They also say that online bingo is much cheaper than playing at a brick and mortar bingo hall. There are no transportation costs, no parking to pay for, no babysitter expenses and no snacks or overpriced drinks to purchase. In 2007 the national smoking ban sent thousands of land based players to online bingo sites but bingo halls have recovered.

Most bingo players participate in land based games and online bingo games. Today it is common to see large groups of young women playing bingo instead of going to a pub for a night out. At least one British bingo operator has seen the potential of younger players and has remodeled several bingo halls to appeal to this group of new bingo players. There is very little criminality associated with bingo and it is still safe to play at live bingo halls.

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