Is Bingo Really A Ladies Only Game ?

Just about everyone has made an assumption not based on evidence at one time or another. Stereotyping can lead many to make erroneous assumptions about groups of people or cultures and sub cultures. When most people think of bingo they usually imaging groups of older women sitting in smoky bingo halls and church basements. For decades bingo has been seen as dominated by pensioners and older players. Very few people picture male players when they think of bingo and although there are many more female players than male players the true figures may surprise some.

A random sampling of 2,167 online bingo players in the United Kingdom showed that about 27.2% of all players at British bingo sites are male, a higher percentage than previously thought. The remaining 83% are women of various ages. Most players at bingo sites tend to be younger players who are comfortable with using computers and new technologies. In fact there are very few internet bingo players over the age of 65. There are many very interesting figures that reveal just how much most bingo players spend at bingo sites and how often they win.
About 60% of all players at bingo sites say they have won about £101 pounds ($164.145 USD) annually playing internet bingo games.
About half of all players at UK bingo sites spend up to £50 pounds ($81.2600 USD) a week playing internet bingo.
About 40% of all bingo players report their bingo spending to their spouse or significant other.
70% of all players at UK bingo sites make use of the chat rooms provided by the bingo sites.

Male players are gaining ground at bingo sites. In the UK there are actually a few websites targeting male players. One of these sites has the motto, “putting the balls back in bingo.” At a few bingo sites romance has blossomed between some male and female players and there has even been a successful marriage proposal. Despite male gains internet bingo is still dominated by the ladies. If one watches the many television ads for internet bingo it is very obvious who the ads are targeting. A majority of TV ads for internet bingo are aired during popular daytime soap operas watched mostly by women. Many in the industry say that if bingo sites can attract more male players while retaining female players if could provide a much needed surge in new players for bingo sites.

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