Is Online Bingo Hurting the Economy ?

Since the global recession hit employers are demanding more productivity from workers. In the United States workers are working longer hours for less money and leisure time has been cut to a minimum. It is imperative that corporations get the most value and effort from their employees. Because of long workdays and stress some employees will take unauthorized breaks whenever they can get away with it. Sitting in a cubicle for hours in front of a computer screen can be boring at times and some employees surf the internet or play games on their computers and smart phones as a way to relieve the boredom. In the UK it is common for some employees to play online bingo during work hours.

Some experts say that wasted employee time damages the economy as a whole. One popular online bingo site did a survey and the results were not pleasing to employers. The results are sure to raise the ire of bosses throughout the UK. The survey showed that 55% of those surveyed played online bingo on their iphones while at work. The iphone is one of the most popular mobile devices and give employees the ability to play bingo and other casino games at work without using the company’s computer system. Many employers have software in place to prevent unauthorized surfing in the workplace.

A majority of the survey’s respondents said that they spent about an hour every week playing games when they should have been working. For corporations with thousands of employees the wasted time quickly adds up and affects the company’s overall performance. It has been estimated that if every worker in the UK engaged in similar behavior that 57 million work hours are lost every year. For employers this would be a massive drain on resources and could cost corporations millions, if not billions, in wasted resources. Even worse, the wasted time could easily adversely affect the nation’s economy and greatly lower productivity.

Online bingo players are not solely to blame for this workplace phenomenon. Today there are hundreds of websites and mobile applications that enable workers to play online bingo and other casino games. A majority of workers do their job as expected but some succumb to temptation. Online bingo can provide players with hours of fun, excitement and socialization but it has no place in the workplace.

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