Is Online Bingo Really Less Expensive?

Which is less expensive; land based bingo or bingo on the internet? There is an ongoing debate between the two industries but most figures clearly are in favor of online bingo. At land based bingo clubs in the UK players must purchase bingo cards in books containing a specific number of bingo cards. Prices are fixes and there is no loyalty points program at land based bingo halls. Online bingo players, on the other hand, can purchase as few or as many cards as they want. Online bingo cards are usually much less expensive and many sites offer bingo cards for a little as a penny.

At land based bingo halls games are limited by physical space. Huge bingo halls may have several bingo rooms but still cannot match the variety of games offered by online bingo sites. Bingo clubs usually do not offer bonuses to players but online players can take advantage of some very generous bonus schemes. These bonuses enable online players to participate in dozens of games for free. Speaking of free bingo, land based bingo clubs do not offer free bingo but most online bingo sites offer new players a certain amount of free play. This is so the new player can check out the games which occasionally give a new online player the chance to win real cash prizes.

Online bingo players are presented with a variety of bingo rooms with differing card prices. Online players can choose lower priced games when money is tight. At land based bingo halls refreshments and drinks are likely to be high priced. Online players can purchase their refreshments and snacks at a grocery store at a much lower price and thanks to auto daub can actually leave the game to grab a snack.  As anyone knows drinks at a bar in a bingo club cost about five to six times more than they would at home.

Many bingo halls have slot machines and even electronic bingo machines but games at land based slot parlors are priced much higher than slot games at online bingo sites. Bingo sites generally provide more slot and casino games at a lower price than at bingo clubs. It is easy to see that online bingo is clearly a much better deal than land based bingo which is probably why online bingo is thriving at the same time many bingo halls are closing!

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