It’s ‘Cool’ to Play Online Bingo!

Ten years ago if someone had suggested that bingo would be considered ‘cool’ by young people most would have considered them to be out of their mind. For decades most people considered bingo the domain of pensioners and senior citizens. When bingo was mentioned the image of little old ladies sitting in smoky bingo halls and church basements came to mind for most. Believe it or not, all that has changed thanks to internet bingo and the creation of new bingo games aimed at a much younger audience.

According to several bingo news sites Rebel Bingo has been a big hit on both sides of the Atlantic. The brainchild of Londoners Freddie Sorensen and James Gordon the games attracted a huge number of young bingo; players. Rebel bingo rules clearly state; no old people, no boring people, no office partiers, no hen parties, no stag parties, no work suits and no customer service. Evidently the idea for Rebel bingo came to its creators during a drunken visit to a bingo game and the rest is history. Now Rebel bingo is packing them in across the UK and in New York City.

Gay bingo has also been partially responsible for the increased popularity of bingo among the young. Most gay bingo games attract a mixed audience and the games can be outrageous. Hamburger Mary’s, a popular Los Angeles eatery and nightspot has hosted bingo games for years featuring several celebrity callers. ‘Legendary bingo’ at Hamburger Mary’s has garnered rave reviews on the internet and the games are packed.

Online bingo has played a huge part in the popularization of bingo among younger players. Younger tech savvy players were attracted to the games from the beginning and new software advances have enabled game developers to create innovative new games targeted at a younger group of players. Bingo sites have gone to great lengths to make their games attractive to younger players. The addition of mobile bingo has made bingo even more popular with the young. It is not an uncommon sight to see young people sitting in parks, or riding on trains and buses playing bingo.

It is also inexpensive to play internet bingo and most bingo sites offer cards priced from a penny upwards. Of course the chance to win some serious cash has drawn many younger players to the game. Who would have ever thought that bingo would become a ‘cool’ game?

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