It’s Official-Bingo is Good For You

There is overwhelming evidence that playing bingo has many benefits particularly for the elderly. Earlier in the year a study done by the National Health Service in the UK showed that playing bingo and engaging in other social activities can significantly shorten hospital stays.  Another study showed that playing bingo can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s symptoms. Most of the research has been done in the UK because of the deep attachment UK residents have for bingo. In fact the United Kingdom is now the world’s largest bingo market.

New research done in the United States indicated that playing bingo can prevent certain forms of disability among seniors. In addition to playing bingo other social activities are important. The research was done at the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago and involved 1,000 subjects. Attending church, going out to a restaurant with friends, doing volunteer work and taking trips have also been shown to delay or prevent certain disabilities associated with old age. All of these activities help seniors to be mentally and physically fit well into old age. The study done in the Unites States focused on participants in their eighties. Basic activities studies included feeding, bathing and dressing and physical activities such as walking up a flight of stairs, walking a half mile and doing household chores. The study concluded that seniors that engaged in social activities such as bingo were twice as likely to remain independent and mobile. A statement from the study says “Results showed that a person who reported a high level of social activity was about twice as likely to remain free of a disability involving activities of daily living than a person with a low level of social activity.”

Today more seniors are learning basic computer skills. Many seniors have discovered the joys of online bingo. In the UK Mecca bingo halls hosted sessions to teach people basic computer skills. The sessions were part of a nationwide initiative to promote computer literacy in the UK. Of course it was in Mecca’s best interests to host the programs because Mecca operates one of the most well known online bingo sites in the UK.

Playing bingo has been shown to promote hand eye coordination. Players must mark cards quickly building hand eye coordination. Bingo requires a certain level of concentration and provides players with plenty of mental exercise. One important study done in the UK showed that the mental and intellectual stimulation provided by bingo games can keep the mind sharp well into old age. In the UK there are several centenarians who still play regular bingo games.

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