It’s True-Bingo Can Make You Smarter !

kid-smart-lightbulb-brain-600x338Bingo was once the domain of senior citizens and pensioners but in recent years the game has won over a much younger group of players. Most gaming experts attribute the unexpected rise in young players to the rise of internet bingo. Young players want speed and online bingo games are much faster that games at a traditional brick and mortar bingo hall. Many young players started out playing online bingo and out of curiosity started to play live games at bingo clubs. Several bingo operators in the UK have refurbished their halls to cater to a younger group of players. Last year Rank Group, which operates Mecca bingo halls throughout the UK, spent millions modernizing some of their urban bingo clubs.

Online bingo’s easy accessibility insures a steady stream of players from all age groups. A couple of years ago the government launched a program to make all UK residents computer literate. Some of the classes were held in bingo clubs and many pensioners used computers for the first time. The seniors appreciated the easy access of online bingo and said they appreciated the convenience. Some said they enjoyed the social side of online bingo and enjoyed using the chat rooms and making new friends. Seniors also liked talking during games. At bingo halls talking during games is a serious breach of etiquette and players have actually been thrown out of bingo halls for talking during games. Online bingo operators encourage players to talk during games and the auto daub feature at most bingo sites keeps track of the cards while players chat.

Even better studies have shown that playing online bingo can keep players in good health. Julie Winstone, a researcher at the University of Southampton’s Centre for Vision and Cognition Department of Psychology, led a study that that investigated the long term psychological benefits of playing bingo. She studied the responses of 112 people aged 18 to 40 and another group of older players aged 60 to 82. Half of the groups played bingo and the other half did not play. The long term bingo players displayed exceptional memory retention and brain function. The players also had a task oriented mindset. In terms of hand eye coordination the older players had the same response time as the younger group. The evidence is in; playing bingo can actually make players smarter than non bingo players!

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