ITV Raking in Cash From Bingo Ads

ITV is a popular network of commercial television broadcasters in Great Britain set up by the Independent Television Authority to compete with the British Broadcasting Corporation. ITV began operations in 1955 and is the oldest commercial network in the UK. ITV’s primetime schedules are dominated by popular soap operas such as Emmerdale, Coronation Street, The Only Way is Essex and others. ITV also broadcasts the immensely popular Britain’s Got talent patterned after the US’s America’s Got Talent. Most of these shows target a female demographic making them prefect for advertisements by online bingo sites.

Today there is hardly a commercial break on any of these shows that is not dominated by advertisements for online bingo sites. UK internet bingo operators have spent millions on television advertising. Most of the major UK bingo brands are represented during commercial breaks and some bingo operators sponsor some of the popular soap operas. Both daytime and primetime broadcasts are filled with bingo ads and the demand for television advertising space has never been greater.

As has been mentioned several major bingo sites are now sponsoring some of the most popular ITV offerings. Foxy bingo sponsors the Jeremy Kyle show, Tombola Bingo sponsors Emmerdale and Wink Bingo sponsors the Only Way is Essex. Since television advertising is not cheap it would appear that these bingo providers are doing very well financially. Virgin Bingo recently launched an extensive advertising campaign on ITV featuring their online bingo mascot Ricardo. Since the competition is keen bingo operators have been forced to come up with highly original and entertaining ads which have been well received by the playing public.

Online bingo ads have been so lucrative for ITV that the network has decided to launch their own bingo product. ITV has cleverly inserted bingo games into some shows such as ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me out Of Here’. Most industry observers expect the ads to run until summertime which is traditionally a slow season for online bingo sites. Summers are short and most players abandon bingo in favor of outdoor activities.

In addition to television advertising many bingo sites are engaged in extensive SEO (search engine optimization) marketing campaigns designed to get bingo sites top rankings in Google search results. SEO efforts will be ongoing throughout the year. Once the summer holiday season is over players can expect to see more bingo ads than even before which should please ITV executives.

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