ITV Revenues Surge Due to Online Bingo Advertising

In the United States advertising for any kind of online gambling is illegal. Federal regulations prohibit Americans from gambling online. Many Americans visiting the UK are amazed to see the huge number of television advertisements for online bingo sites, bookmakers, poker sites and online casinos. The online bingo industry spends millions of pounds each year on television advertising. Television ads are expensive and the number of online bingo ads on cable channels in the UK indicates that the industry is doing very well despite the economic downturn of recent years.

ITV is the largest public service television network in the UK. ITV was launched way back in 1955 well before the advent of online bingo. ITV was originally launched to provide competition to the staid BBC and is the oldest commercial network in the UK. ITV hosts a wide variety of popular television shows and during commercial breaks viewers are likely to see several ads promoting various online bingo sites. Some major bingo brands sponsor shows which is extremely expensive. Recent bingo news indicate that ITV has experienced a surge in revenues thanks to the online bingo industry.

ITV has reaped big benefits as online bingo operators’ line up to place ads or sponsor shows on the popular network. On ITV bingo ads are the most common industry ads in ITV. Most of the major UK online bingo brands advertise on ITV including Foxy, Jackpotjoy, Tombola, Wink and Virgin bingo. Some major bingo operators have released figures showing that the competition between bingo operators is higher than ever and their advertising and marketing budgets reflect this. Many bingo operators have graduated from mere advertising to show sponsorships. The popular show Emmerdale is sponsored by Tombola bingo and the Jeremy Kyle show is sponsored by Foxy Bingo. The hit series The Only Way Is Essex is sponsored by Wink Bingo.

Traditionally online bingo operators cut back on advertising during the summer months. Summer ads are less effective because many online bingo players forgo their regular games in favor of outdoor activities during the short UK summer. Bingo operators realize that most regular players are either on holiday or are enjoying the warm summer sun. Once fall arrives the advertising campaigns start up again. Most children are back in school and bored stay at home moms are more likely to play online bingo for recreation and entertainment. The growth of the online bingo industry indicates that television ads are effective and represent money well spent by online bingo operators.

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