Lost Internet Connection During a Game – Don’t Worry!

Many players at online bingo sites have experienced connectivity issues from time to time. During storms the internet can go out in the middle of a game or an internet service provider may experience technical issues causing an internet connection to be lost. Losing an internet connection in the middle of a game can be frustrating especially if the player is one number away from a bingo. Wireless connections can be particularly annoying and are relatively common. Accidentally kicking the power cord can be another cause of lost connectivity.

Fortunately for online bingo players most bingo sites have a feature that will recognize a lost connection even if a player does not have the auto save feature turned on. The auto daub feature will keep working even if the player has lost their internet connection. If the game is won while the internet connection is interrupted the player will still be credited with the win and winnings will be automatically deposited into the player’s account. Keep in mind that there are some internet bingo sites that do not offer this feature making it extremely important for the player to check to make sure their chosen bingo site offers this important feature. Just make sure your bingo site supports auto play in case of a disconnection.

The system employed by most bingo sites will record both wins and losses in case of lost service. Players who intentionally pull the plug on a game they are losing will find the loss recorded. Most bingo sites require players to purchase cards in advance of games. The auto same and auto daub features allow players to multi task while playing. Busy mothers can attend to their children’s needs and will find their bingo cards correctly marked and any wins or losses recorded. Both of these features make bingo popular with busy moms.

Most bingo sites like BingoBoat use software that will allow the card to be marked without interruption. Players who wish to discontinue playing are generally required to log out. Logging out tells the site’s software that the discontinuation is intentional and not accidental. In addition most bingo sites use state of the art security software to prevent fraud and theft. Sensitive banking information is encrypted and is on a secure server for the player’s protection. So the next time an internet connection is lost in the middle of a game don’t freak out; rest assured the site is still playing your game and any winnings will not be lost!

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