Loyalty Programs at Online Bingo Sites

Bingo is one of the most affordable and entertaining games online. Bingo is no longer the low states game it used to be and online bingo bears little resemblance to grandma’s bingo. Players can win tons of cash playing online bingo and even better most bingo sites offer special games, free bingo, generous deposit bonuses, tournaments and extensive selections of side games. Deposit bonuses enable players to double, triple and even quadruple their money. Loyalty schemes can put real cash into player’s accounts and in recent years most bingo operators have revamped their loyalty programs.

Loyalty programs usually award players a specific amount of loyalty points every time they play a bingo game. Every bingo game is worth a specified amount of loyalty points. Special games and tournaments may award more loyalty points than regular bingo games.  Once the loyalty points are earned they are deposited in the player’s account and may be used to purchase bingo cards and can usually be converted into cash. Some sites will award loyalty points as soon as a player signs up and creates an account. Some online bingo sites will award as many as 1,000 loyalty points to new players. Loyalty points are a way for online bingo operators to show appreciation to loyal players and thanks to intense industry competition bingo operators are awarding more loyalty points than ever. At many bingo sites players can earn large amounts of loyalty points by referring a friend. At some sites refer a friend programs are separate from loyalty points programs while at other the programs are combined.

As has been mentioned loyalty points may be converted into cash at most online bingo sites. Once enough loyalty points have been earned players can access their accounts and convert the points into cash. At some sites it takes 1,000 loyalty points to earn $1. While this may seem like a lot, loyalty points are quickly earned once the player starts playing regular bingo games and participates in online bingo tournaments. Check out mecca bingo for a good example of how this works.

The most common use of loyalty points is to purchase free bingo cards. Players using loyalty points to purchase cards have more free chances to win money playing bingo. At most bingo sites players can enter tournaments using loyalty points. Many tournaments have huge progressive jackpots and players can win life changing amounts of cash. At some online bingo sites loyalty points can be exchanged for other prizes like electronics, jewelry and many other unique prizes. Loyalty programs are just one of many ways operators make online bingo one of the most affordable games on the net.

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