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bingo-pngOnline bingo is a popular pastime around the world. Millions play online bingo daily and players have hundreds of sites to choose from. Like any popular pastime there are several myths being spread about online bingo. One of the most persistent myths is that no one actually wins playing online bingo. Nothing could be further from the truth. Last year one lucky player won the largest bingo jackpot ever. The extremely lucky man from the UK won over five million pounds!

Players can, and have, won life changing amounts of money. At BingoHouse a very fortunate player recently won $5,000 while playing the monthly $10,000 game. The lucky player is known by the screen name of TJM1129 and here is the story in his own words;

“I just won $5,000.00 on the monthly $10.000.00 game. As I do every month I had preorder my cards just in case I got home late from work I don’t want to miss any of the games. I signed in and my cards were already in play. I was down to 4 numbers and said to myself I am too far to win now, next thing you know my numbers started coming out one after the other, when my card turned yellow, I said I am waiting on B12 ! I looked up and the next ball was B12, my card turned red. I was shock, I couldn’t believe it , all I could say was oh my gosh! I won. I have been playing at Bingo House for a while now, I log in almost every day when I get home from work. It helps me relax, and have fun with what I consider to be my second family. I have played at other sites, but since I found Bingo House I have not gone back to any other site. This is by far the best site on the internet. The CM’s are awesome and always willing to help, the roomies are always very nice, and the monthly specials and prizes are fantastic, I am telling all my friends to log in and join. Keep playing everyone next big win could be you. Bingo House keep up the great work you’re the best.”

As can be seen players do actually win some of the jackpots offered at online bingo sites. Although big wins may be somewhat rare they do happen, and who knows, the next big winner could be you!!

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