Make Your 2012 New Year’s Bingo Resolutions!

New Year’s resolutions are a long standing tradition for many people and online bingo players are no exception. Common New Year’s resolutions include vows to quit smoking, lose weight, save money or lose a bad habit. Believe it or not online bingo players can actually resolve to be bingo winners in 2012. There are several actions online bingo game players can take to make their chances of winning in 2012 significantly better than they were in 2010.

Most of scour the papers after New Year’s for post holiday bargains. Most bingo sites have post holiday promotions that players can take advantage of. These will enable you to get more than you actually paid for. Some sites may have special offers for free bingo cards. Half price bingo cards can enable you to double the number of cards in play and greatly increase your chances of winning. Some bingo sites may offer two or three free cards when you purchase a specific number of cards and these are usually a good deal. There are fixed games at some bingo sites where you can get a set amount of cards for a flat price. Make a resolution to take advantage of all free card and other bingo card offers.

Make a resolution to join a bingo forum. Joining a bingo forum will enable you to stay current with all the newest bingo bonuses, exclusive games and other great offers. Joining a bingo forum can save you a lot of time spent surfing looking for the best bonuses and promotions. A good bingo forum will maintain threads covering all aspects of bingo and can help you to avoid unpleasant experiences.

Make a resolution to take advantage of the loyalty programs at the bingo sites you play at regularly. If your current bingo site has no loyalty program then find one like BingoBoat that does. The benefits of loyalty [programs can include exclusive offers and promotions which can include gifts, bingo tournaments, cash back offers, special deposit bonuses and many other perks.

Make a resolution to stay in touch with your chat room biddies and take advantage of all the special chat games and bingo promotions while doing so. Some special chat games have great prizes and chat games are usually played alongside regular bingo games.

Play smart during the coming new year and with patience and a little luck you could be a big bingo winner in 2012.

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