Many Bingo Sites Expecting Record Q4 Profits

The past year was a banner one for the online bingo industry. Throughout the year bingo news sites reported the launch of several new bingo sites. Earlier in the year about two new bingo sites were launched every week. In the UK the bingo industry has spent millions of pounds on television advertising and bingo sites now sponsor most morning television programs in the UK. Television ads for internet bingo continue throughout the day and well into the evening. In addition bingo sites have spent thousands on internet advertising and print media ads. For both experienced and new players there are a wide variety of choices available.

Many bingo sites still offer players free online bingo which has been a successful marketing strategy since the advent of internet bingo. Bingo sites continue to provide players with a variety of bonuses and player perks but for most UK bingo sites the marketing focus is on television advertising. In November 2010 the number of players at bingo sites increased by 2.3%. During November about 286,612 logged on at their favorite bingo sites to play. Bingo purchases increased in November and players spent about £47,290,980 ($72,637,333.71 USD) at online bingo sites a 2.1% increase from October 2010. The arrival of severe winter weather has been a real boon for most bingo sites. Stranded players are logging on at bingo sites to relieve ‘cabin fever’ and the nasty weather has sent thousands online to play bingo. Some industry experts are predicting record fourth quarter profits thanks to the storms which continue to hammer the UK and much of Europe.

Industry experts say that the addition of mobile bingo games will increase revenues for bingo sites offering mobile bingo. Since mobile applications were launched they were an instant hit with bingo players. Mobile bingo offers players on the go with the opportunity to play their favorite game no matter where they are. Any mobile device with internet access will allow the user to log on and play bingo wherever a signal can be received.

Throughout 2010 software developers have been busy designing new bingo games and highly original slot games. Online slot games have always been a popular feature at bingo sites and have been a real money maker for bingo providers. Some financial analysts say that bingo and online gaming stocks will be a good investment in 2011 and most experts expect continued growth in the bingo sector of the online gaming industry.

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