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A report from gaming specialists Bullet Business said that mobile and social bingo are benefitting from the latest industry trends. Mobile and social bingo are set to overtake land based bingo and in the near future will overtake bingo on desktop computers and laptops. The report polled three online gaming wexperts; Phil Fraser, chairman of the online bingo summit, Clair Osborne, head of digital operations at Mecca bingo and Aiden Shortt, a long-time internet gambling consultant.

Osborne said the bingo industry has been slow in adopting mobile technology. Sports betting sites were the first to offer mobile betting and the move was a huge success. Osborne said that now that the bingo products are out there the industry is “doing a good job of offering a good alternative to online.” Using the example of Mecca Osborne said that almost half of the people playing on Mecca’s mobile app registered on their mobile devices and play exclusively using their smartphones.

Shortt agreed that the bingo industry was slow in adopting mobile technology and said there were reasons for the delay. Shortt said that online bingo is driven by a sense of community and chat and smartphones do not lend themselves to the social aspect of the game. Shortt said that tablets have a bright future in the online bingo sector. Shortt said “not necessarily the iPad, which maybe isn’t right for the average bingo players” and added that tablets are cheaper and enable players to have the full online bingo experience.

Like his two colleagues Fraser said said that mobile bingo has some technical issues that need to be corrected. On the whole Fraser is optimistic and said that most bingo sites are seeing more traffic via. mobile. Fraser said that operators must provide products that will keep players coming back for more. Fraser agreed with Shortt that tablets would provide players with a better bingo experience. Shortt believes that eventually online and social bingo will converge and said that this is because bingo is all about the socialization and relationships.

Osborne disagreed and said that social media and social gaming are “quite different things.” Osborne said that while social media has been a big success for Mecca in building their player base she said she believes that the industry has a long way to go before transposing a traditional bingo format to a social gambling format. One thing is for sure; most industry reports say that mobile bingo is now driving most industry growth.

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