Mobile Bingo Fastest Growing Industry Sector

For years business experts have said that the three primary rules of business are location, location, location. For mobile gaming operators including internet bingo providers location is now everywhere thanks to smart phones and other mobile devices with internet access. New smart phone applications have enabled online gaming and bingo operators to provide players with high quality flash based games that are available anywhere a signal can be obtained.

Top gaming operators are joining the rush to take advantage of the vast opportunities offered by mobile gaming. Well known poker site Full Tilt Poker has just provided users with a new no download version of their popular rush Poker and the games are compatible with several smart phones and mobile devices. The mobile version is great for players on the go who like fast paced action. When a player folds they automatically move to another table to start another hand immediately.

The mobile gaming industry which includes several internet bingo providers has been quick to realize the potential of the mobile gaming market. According to one report the mobile gaming industry is expected to generate $5.6 billion dollars in revenue in 2010 and the figure is expected to hit $11.4 billion dollars in 2014. An outdated 2009 study estimated that the mobile gaming industry would be worth $1 billion dollars by 2010 and as can be seen the revenues generated by mobile gaming exceeded all expectations.

A report by industry advisory firm Comscore said that about 7.6% of all smart phone users had played at online casinos regularly. Online bingo game operators are developing new smart phone applications to take full advantage of this swiftly growing market. Although the number of online gamers has remained relatively static in the Unites States because of federal online gambling prohibitions the number of online gamers has increased around the world. Mobile gaming is the fastest growing sector of the online gambling industry. At the present time there are over 2 million online gamers throughout Europe.

Many internet bingo experts say that the UK bingo market which is the world’s largest has become saturated. Many online bingo providers have moved into the mobile gaming sector to increase revenues and attract new players. Mobile bingo players are offered the same bingo bonuses and promotions and have mobile access to all bingo and side games. Now fans of online bingo sites can play their favorite game no matter where they happen to be and can win some serious cash!

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