Mobile Bingo Will Drive Industry Growth in 2011-12

Mobile bingo has attracted the interest of the online bingo industry and most gaming experts say that mobile gaming will be the fastest growing sector of the online gambling industry in 2011-12. Just a few short years ago gaming operators were skeptical that mobile devices were capable of handling the software necessary to play online bingo on mobile phones. Most of the technological problems have been solved and today people can play just about any casino game and online bingo on their cell phones.

The timing couldn’t be better for mobile bingo. Throughout the global recession online bingo remained one of the few growth industries and business at most bingo sites was brisk. The possibilities for the industry are stunning; just about everyone has a mobile device of some sort and rapidly advancing technology has given mobile phones the same capabilities as laptops and personal desktop computers. Mobile devices are much more portable than most laptops and can be easily stuffed into a pocket or purse. Portability and convenience are the two main advantages of mobile gambling and bingo. About 500 million people around the world own mobile phones so the potential for mobile bingo can easily be seen.

Most bingo sites have realized that mobile bingo will be the wave of the future and operators that do not adapt to the new technologies will be left behind. Bingo operators who do not take advantage of the new market will be picking up the market scraps left by bingo operators who had the foresight to develop online bingo applications for mobile phones. Real money games are available at bingo sites with mobile applications. The addition of millions of new mobile bingo players will benefit bingo operators and players. Bingo operators will benefit from the influx of new players and players will benefit in the form of bigger prizes and jackpots.

Mobile bingo games are available 24/7 and games commence about every two minutes. Should players lost their signal or connection the games are still played and the information is saved. Should a player win a game during a signal blackout the winnings are automatically deposited into the player’s individual account. It is easy for players to find bingo platforms that are compatible with their mobile phones. Most bingo sites clearly list what devices are compatible with their bingo platforms. Most gaming experts say that mobile gaming will drive industry growth this year and in 2012.

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