Mobile Gaming Technology Marches On

Since its beginnings in the mid 90’s the online gaming industry has rapidly grown and is now worth billions. The revenue generated by bingo sites is now over $2 billion dollars a year in the UK alone. Increased broadband access around the world and faster personal computers and laptops has enabled the online gaming industry to expand and provide players with state of the art high quality games. The online gaming industry has been quick to embrace new technologies and recently many experts say that mobile gaming will soon become the fastest growing sector of the online gaming industry.

Many major online casinos already provide players with their own mobile applications. One recent report predicted that in 2011 mobile gaming will generate over $40 billion dollars. A Juniper Research report released in September of 2010 predicted that the total sum wagered on mobile gaming will reach $48 billion dollars a year by 2015. The report goes on to state that the predictions are based on high growth rates in emerging markets, the liberalization of European laws regarding mobile gaming and that the United States will legalize mobile gaming by 2015. Many online bingo sites have already entered this lucrative market and the move has been well received by players.

Many software developers have jumped at the chance to get involved in this rapidly growing industry. New operating systems enable mobile gaming companies and mobile casinos to provide players with superior quality games with high definition animation and excellent sound. The new Android Honeycomb (also known as Android 3.0) is one of the best Operating Systems for Android devices. The new OS enabled players to multiple USB devices such as keyboards and controllers which make online gaming easier and more convenient. The use of keyboards is especially important for players at bingo sites and poker sites. The capability to use a full keyboard allows busy mobile players to play their favorite games as they normally would on their computers and laptops. The Android Honeycomb has improved Wifi capability allowing players to take full advantage of high speed internet connections.

The Android Honeycomb is just one of many new devices designed to facilitate mobile gaming. Mobile gaming enables busy players to enjoy a quick game during a break in a busy work day and during long boring commutes on buses and trains. Thanks to all of the new technological advances players can bring the excitement of a live casino to their smart phones and other mobile devices.

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