Mobile Gaming Will Be Worth $54 Billion By 2015

A survey by research from Juniper said that by 2015 the mobile entertainment market will be worth $54 billion dollars and that mobile gambling, including online bingo, will be the fastest growing industry sector. Smart phones and other mobile devices are more common and the number of applications available is driving industry growth. The Juniper report said that the mobile entertainment market was worth $33 billion dollars in 2010. The combination of app stores and smart phones has created a high level of use of games, social networking, gambling, games, video and music.

Last year several bingo sites developed mobile applications for their online bingo games and other side games offered by most bingo sites. The move has been well received among players’ especially younger bingo players. Players appreciate the convenience offered by mobile bingo which enables them to play anywhere a signal can be received. Many bingo operators are investing heavily in new mobile applications and have realized the lucrative opportunities offered by mobile bingo. Other gaming companies have also taken notice of the surge in mobile gambling. Several top poker sites now offer mobile applications.

The author of the report Dr Windsor Holden stated “We’ve witnessed a quite dramatic evolution of the mobile entertainment market over the past few years, in terms of type of content, scale of content and how that content is monetized. The challenge for the players across the redefined mobile ecosystem is to recognise how best to leverage their strengths to ensure that their respective revenue streams are optimized.” The report goes on to state that the fastest growing sectors of the mobile entertainment industry will be gambling and social media. In spite of the collapse of the ringtone market mobile music will be the largest contributor to mobile entertainment revenues during the next five years.

Not everyone is happy about the success of the mobile gaming industry. In Australia the Bernard Finnegan, the South Australian Minister for Gambling, said that with online gambling coming more available that more young men are vulnerable to problem gambling. The government has launched an advertising campaign targeting men 18 to 34 years old to warn about the dangers of problem gambling. Finnegan stated “Often this [18 to 34] age group is unaware of their gambling problem or don’t know at what stage their gambling can become a problem.” Occasionally concerns about problem gambling have led to Orwellian laws and regulations in several countries. Hopefully Australia will refrain from implementing unnecessary regulations.

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