Mom’s Ashes Returned to New Hampshire Bingo Player

Bingo players use all kinds of good luck charms at bingo games. Go to just about any bingo halls and you will likely see a collection of trinkets, teddy bears, custom daubers and other objects in front of players as they busily mark their cards during games. Lucky charms are also used by online bingo players when they log on to their favorite online bingo site. Good luck charms have been a long standing tradition at bingo halls around the world. Bingo is a random game of chance and so far there has been no scientific explanation for ‘luck.’

At most bingo halls regular players have ‘lucky seats’ and get quite miffed if they find another player sitting in ‘their’ regular seat. One bingo player in Rochester New Hampshire had a very unusual good luck charm; her mother’s ashes. Diane Bozzi had played bingo games with her mother for years. Before her mother died in 2002 she suggested that her ashes may give Diane some luck at their regular bingo games. Diane promised her mother that she would take some of her ashes with her when she attended bingo games.

One night a thief was targeting parked cars and was breaking in and stealing whatever he could find. Diane’s car was broken into and the thief stole her bingo bag which contained her mother’s ashes. Diane was justifiably distraught and made an emotional plea for the thief to return her mother’s ashes. Police are also investigating the numerous thefts from cars in the area.

Diane’s heart filled plea must have had an effect on the unnamed thief. Police reported that sometime between Monday (December 12th) night and Tuesday morning (December 13th) the urn containing her mother’s ashes was returned. When Bozzi pleaded for the return of the urn containing the ashes she said that said that her mother was a bingo fan and that by taking the ashes to bingo games she was fulfilling a promise she made to her mother. Although the thief remains unknown Bozzi is grateful for the return of her mother’s ashes. Police are still investigating the thefts and hopefully the thief will be brought to justice.

If Ms. Bozzi wants to avoid future thefts she should try playing online bingo. She would not have to leave her house and the ashes would be safe.

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