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It has been shown time and time again that bingo offers players many health and mental benefits. University studies have shown that playing bingo can shorten hospital stays, slow the onset of Alzheimer’s symptoms, benefit the memory and can even help people live longer. Some of the strategies used to play bingo have real life applications. According to David Kelley in his book “The Art of Reasoning” a game is “a form of recreation constituted by a set of rules that specify an object to be attained and the permissible means of attaining it.” For example chess can teach players how to plan ahead and use various strategies. Bingo can teach players how to properly socialize in a competitive environment.

Everyone will get old someday and to avoid the mental decline associated with old age mental exercise is essential. Games can provide the opportunity to exercise the brain. Games like Sudoku, chess, crosswords and scrabble have all been used to boost brainpower. Unfortunately bingo is often overlooked as a way to exercise the brain. Both live and online bingo games can provide players with an excellent way to keep the mind fit and active. The brain is stimulated during bingo games because of the math skills needed, hand eye coordination and fast reflexes. In fast paced bingo games intense concentration is required.

In one bingo study in the UK senior citizens participated in experiments to measure memory and response times. The researchers found that regular bingo players actually had faster reflexes and response times than people half their age. They also performed better than non-bingo players in their own age groups. The end result was that researchers found that bingo players had better response times and speed, better concentration and memory and the additional benefit of a superior ability to interpret signals from the environment surrounding them. They also found that playing several cards at once exercises the brain’s compartmentalizing areas and improves the way the brain arranges various tasks.

Those playing 75 ball bingo games must keep track of horizontal, vertical and diagonal alignments improving spatial awareness. Bingo stimulates the math centers in the brain and helps the language centers because of the interactive nature of the game. The best benefit provided by bingo is increased longevity. Social activities make people happier and reduce stress. Happier people generally live longer and have a much better quality of life.

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