Mrs. Obama to Continue Charity Online Bingo Games

Newly elected president Barack Obama’s stepmother recently launched a charity online bingo game in partnership with the UK based online bingo website Gala Bingo. The games proved to be very successful and Mrs. Obama raised approximately 20,000 pounds. ($28,844 USD)

Now Mrs. Obama has announced a continuation of the popular online bingo games. She has set a goal of raising 1 million pounds ($1,442,864 USD) by 2010. Judging by the popularity of the first round of the popular online bingo games the stated goal will in all likelihood be met. Mrs. Obama is a big bingo fan and plays regularly at local bingo clubs in Bracknell.

Mrs. Obama recently returned from attending her stepson’s inauguration in Washington D.C and said that Barack had invited her to come back sometime this summer and stay at the White House. Mrs. Obama stated, “Barack said to me ‘Sorry it’s so cold. I want you to come back to Washington and stay with me and my family in the White House in the summer when it’s warmer. I was so surprised and so excited to think I will be staying in the White House. It’s too good to be true.”

The first round of Mrs. Obama’s charity online bingo games was a resounding success. In a bingo review, Clive Cottrel of Gala Bingo stated, “After only an hour’s play a day for 10 days, ‘Mrs. Obama’s Bingo’ raised around £10,000. ($14,404 USD) We are delighted to match that amount, which means £20,000 ($28,806) will go to our group-wide charity Sue Ryder Care.”

Proceeds from the games benefit the Sue Ryder charity which provides compassionate care and support for people living with serious illnesses and conditions, as well as their families and loved ones. The charity assists people living with conditions including cancer, strokes, Multiple Sclerosis and Acquired Brain Injury. We wish Mrs. Obama the best of luck in her endeavors.

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