New iPhone Apps For Bingo Games

UK bingo giant Mecca has recently launched one of the first iPhone bingo applications. Industry experts had predicted an increase in the availability of mobile bingo in 2011 and many bingo sites and online casinos are moving forward with plans to offer widespread mobile gambling. Chief executive of the Remote Gambling Association, Clive Hawkswood said that while PC’s continue to dominate the online gaming market the growth of the mobile gaming sector “is inevitable.”Hawkswood went on to say, “Gambling is following, some would say at the forefront of, the general trend in consumers’ seemingly endless desire for innovative technologies.” He said that people want products and services available 24/7 and that government regulations against online gaming are ineffective and that governments should move towards a “well-regulated licensing environment”.

Mobile bingo will add a new level of convenience for players at bingo sites like BingoHouse. At most bingo sites players can use the same accounts they use on their PC’s to play bingo on their phones. 2010 saw some major advancements in mobile technology and bingo sites are taking advantage of the new technologies to offer players mobile bingo 24/7. Most experts predict that the mobile sector will capture a bigger slice of the already lucrative bingo market in 2011. Bingo sites have had a global impact on internet gaming and has been a significant force behind the profitability of the online gaming industry.

The greatest advantage of mobile bingo is that it allows players to participate in games no matter where they happen to be at the moment. On the beach, on a bus or train during a long commute, at the park, at the office, (not recommended) and just about anywhere there is a signal. The new iPhone apps enable bingo sites to provide the same high quality bingo games and chat rooms that PC players have enjoyed for years. Imagine winning a bingo jackpot worth thousands while at the beach or during a boring commute! Mobile bingo is sure to appeal to the same demographic as online bingo does-younger players. In the UK which is the world’s largest bingo market the increase of the popularity of mobile bingo has been amazing.

This year internet bingo sites will be locked in a competition for players and bingo sites are going all out to provide players with the best mobile bingo games possible. For some bingo sites this will be a ‘make or break’ year and those bingo sites with the best mobile games are sure to emerge as winners in the competition for players.

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