New Self Exclusion Option Available for Problem Gamblers

Most people would not connect online bingo games with problem gambling. While there have been a few high profile cases of bingo players stealing to finance their bingo habits problem gamblers are rare at online bingo sites. Because of the game’s random nature and relatively low stakes compared with other forms of gambling online bingo does not attract hard core gambling addicts. Reputable bingo sites take problem gambling very seriously and some have installed software to identify players who may have a gambling problem.

Player Verify is a service that allows players to submit verification documents to online gaming sites in a secure manner. Players sign up with Player Verify, create an individual profile and up load documents which can then be sent to online gaming sites. The gaming site then clicks on the secure Player Verify link, logs in and verifies the player’s documents. The service is designed to prevent identity theft. The new player exclusion tool by Player Verify allows those struggling with gambling addiction to exclude themselves from online gaming. Some online bingo sites are offering players this option.

Mark Dalton, the company manager at Player Verify said that the new tool is a solution to a problem faced by gaming operators and players. It is user friendly and easy to use for players and gaming operators. Dalton said that gaming operators wanting to use the new tool will have access to a Player Verify database of players that have decided to exclude themselves from online gaming. One major problem faced by online gaming operators is that they only know about players that have self excluded from their site. The new tool will allow operators to view a complete database from other sites. Many countries now require online gaming operators to offer some sort of self exclusion tool. Strict gambling laws in some jurisdictions require online gaming sites to act in a responsible manner and protect vulnerable players.

Most experts expect the UK to change its licensing requirements next year. Under the new regulations gaming operators will be required by gambling law to offer some sort of self exclusion option. Operators will be able to cross check all players and Player Verify president Dalton says that the more sites using the tool the more effective it will be. In addition to protecting players against the dangers of identity theft the new self exclusion tool will help problem gamblers to overcome their addiction.

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