New Survey Reveals the Importance of Women to the Online Gambling Industry

It is no secret that women are largely responsible for the success of the online bingo industry in the United Kingdom. Gambling statistics show that a large majority of online bingo players are female. Online bingo has attracted a much younger demographic than land based bingo halls. In land based bingo halls older players and pensioners dominate the games although many of the younger generation have developed a taste for live bingo games. A new survey commissioned by an online casino company in the UK highlights just how important female gamblers are to the industry.

The survey was commissioned by the Belle Rock casino group and was conducted by Hitwise, a firm specializing in online consumer search and behavior intelligence. The survey was conducted across all online casinos in the UK and compared industry figures from 2007 to those of today. The survey showed that the number of female online gamblers quadrupled from 2007 to 2010. The number of women playing at online casinos is almost as high as men. A press release by Belle Rock Entertainment showed that in 2007 48.38% of players in 2011 were female and 51.62% were male. The report also speculated on the reasons for the large increase. Online casinos can be easily accessed by women who want to gamble online. In addition they provide a less intimidating atmosphere for female players and make them feel safe from the prying eyes and derisive looks they may receive at land based casinos.

Online bingo sites and casinos are taking advantage of recent trends and are targeting more of their marketing efforts towards female players. The survey showed that females and males visit different types of gambling sites. Men showed a marked preference for poker and sports betting while women had a strong preference for online bingo sites and slots. Women dominate online bingo and their numbers are three times that of men. Most online bingo sites offer a selection of slots and the survey clearly showed the importance of slots to female players.

Another report by Women at NBCU showed that women are becoming more tech savvy than men especially when it comes to mobile technology. 53% of all women in the United States own smart phones and men account for about 46% of cell phones in the US. The survey showed that women are more likely to own some sort of smart phone app. It is clear that women are very important to the online casino industry and their influence is expected to grow in the coming years.

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