New Technologies Redefine Gambling

Gambling is one of the oldest human activities. Archaeological digs in several countries have found evidence of ancient gambling games. There are many gambling devices that date from the Roman Empire. In the 15th century the forerunner to today’s bingo games emerged. The game spread quickly throughout Europe and was particularly popular among the French aristocracy before the revolution. Today technological developments have made gambling more accessible to millions of players.

Once the internet was invented it was inevitable that gambling would go online at some point. The very first gambling sites offered poker and by the mid 90’s just about any casino game was available on the internet. The element of risk has always been a critical part of human nature because it makes us feel more alive. In the past the thrill of gambling was only available to those with the desire and resources to visit a land based casino. Nevada was the gambling capital west of the Mississippi and Atlantic City was the gambling capital east of the Mississippi. Several states have large tribal casinos.

The first countries to legalize online gambling were Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean. The region rapidly became a base for several online gaming companies. Today there is a thriving online gambling industry in Gibraltar, Malta and other European jurisdictions. The UK has a highly regulated and mature internet gaming market. The country has one of the largest and most active online bingo markets in the world and about 350 bingo sites target players in the UK. Unfortunately the United States took a prohibitionist approach to online gambling but despite the laws against gambling on the internet Americans spend about $4 billion a year at offshore gambling sites.

Things are changing in the US and so far three states have legalized internet gambling. Computer technology has ebabled gaming operators to offer an impressive array of variety of gambling options. Slots are one of the most popular online games and new technology enables slot developers to add features to their online slots that cannot be added to slots in brick and mortar casinos. Today most online gaming operators offer mobile applications. The new mobile options have attracted millions of young players. Online gambling does not carry the same social stigmas associated with casino gambling. The use of the latest technologies have redefined gambling and the technological advances just keep on coming!

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