News of the World Bingo Site Shuts Down

In the UK many newspapers own and operate their own bingo sites. Newspaper bingo began in the early 80’s and achieved instant popularity. As technology advanced most newspapers in the UK switched to online bingo and today some of the most popular UK bingo sites are owned and operated by newspapers. Recently the scandal involving the popular News of the World newspaper has affected thousands of bingo players. News of the World started publishing way back in 1843 and recently ceased operations because of the recent phone hacking scandal. The tabloid was known for its reporting of scandals and photos of attractive buxom women. In 2006 the tabloid employed private investigators to illegally access hundreds of voicemail accounts. The scandal got even worse after a private investigator, private investigators, testified that he had been hired to hack into voicemail accounts by News of the World.

Even worse it was revealed that the paper’s owner, Rupert Murdoch, had tried to pressure Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Labour party members of parliament to ‘back away’ from the investigation into the hacking scandal.  Several libel actions were brought against the paper by celebrities including David Beckham, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and several prominent British politicians. The tabloid is also accused of hacking into the accounts of dead soldiers. The scandal has resulted in the closure of the tabloid and its bingo site. A message on the News of the World website simply says ‘Thank you and goodbye.’

News of the World bingo players were stunned by the announcement of the closure. News of the World bingo players have been informed that their player and login details will be transferred to the bingo site operated by the popular tabloid the Sun. Players are still waiting for official confirmation and have been advised that all player accounts are safe and that their balances will remain in their accounts. Currently News of the World players are being redirected to the Sun Bingo site. Players with a News of the World account will not need to re register at the Sun bingo site.

Recently the Sun has come under suspicion that they found out about PM Gordon Brown’s sons illness using less than honorable means.  Brown has stated that he can think of no legitimate method by which the paper could have details of his four year old son’s illness. It is very rare for bingo and politics to collide and hopefully bingo players will remain unmolested to enjoy their favorite game.

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