Newspaper Bingo Sites Offer Credibility

Newspapers around the world are suffering from the effects of the global recession. In addition newspapers are losing readers and subscribers to online new sites. To remain competitive several newspapers have launched online news sites. Most of the newspaper sites are free for users and are supported by advertisers. Some newspapers, such as the venerable Wall Street Journal, charge a minimal subscription fee. In the UK newspapers are using another strategy to remain profitable; online bingo.

Newspaper bingo sites in the UK include Mail Bingo, Daily Express Bingo, Metro Bingo, Sun Bingo, Mirror Bingo and Daily Star Bingo. Most tabloids in the UK operate their own online bingo sites. One recent report said that the Sun newspaper makes 80% of its online revenues from the Sun Bingo and Sun Bet. Bingo is nothing new for UK newspapers. In the 80’s several newspapers operated bingo games. Bingo cards were printed and numbers were printed in the newspapers every day. Today newspapers have adopted modern technology and operate their bingo games online.

Although newspaper bingo sites may not offer the same bingo bonuses and promotions of many online bingo operators’ players feel secure at sites run by well known and respected newspapers. Newspaper bingo sites have credibility among players. In addition to newspapers magazines have launched their own bingo brands. Lisa, a regular bingo player from the UK stated “Something coming from an established newspaper or magazine would certainly be better than other sites that come from nowhere.” It is clear that the credibility of newspaper bingo sites is more important to a large number of players than huge bonuses, promotions and free bingo.

The UK is the largest online bingo market in the world and about 400 online bingo sites are now targeting UK online bingo players. About three million people play online bingo regularly and bingo operators are locked in fierce competition for these players. Most newspaper bingo sites provide players with the same benefits as offshore bingo sites but as has been mentioned many players consider security and credibility as most important. In the United States Mort Zuckerman, the publisher of the New York Daily News said that online bingo may be a way for some US newspapers to survive. Zuckerman told Forbes magazine “The fact is, if you look at England, a lot of their newspapers have bingo… they make a lot of money off it. It would save hundreds of newspapers in this country if they could do that.” While it is highly doubtful that American newspapers will adopt bingo to survive the future of newspaper bingo in the UK looks very bright.

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