NH Woman Brings Mom’s Ashes to Bingo; Ashes Stolen

Although bingo is a random game of chance just about every bingo player knows someone who seems to win all the time. Although there is no real scientific explanation for ‘luck’ many bingo players credit their good luck to charms and talismans they carry with them to bingo games. Lucky charms are used by live and online bingo players equally. Gambling statistics show that three out of four bingo players carry some sort of good luck charms with them to games. Good luck charms can include such items as lucky socks, special jewelry, troll dolls, dice, gemstones, rabbit’s feet daubers and other items. Go to any bingo hall in the world and you will see lucky charms prominently displayed in the tables.

Some players swear that certain seats are lucky and woe to the player that tries to occupy someone’s ‘lucky’ seat. There have actually been physical confrontations over a lucky chair. There also seems to be a rule that all lucky objects must be displayed out in the open for all to see. Some people place lucky coins on their cards. Many players consider certain numbers to be lucky and will try to purchase cards with as many lucky numbers as possible. The use of lucky objects adds to the entertainment and fun provided by bingo games.

Recently a bingo player in Rochester, New Hampshire, brought a rather unusual good luck charm with her; her mother’s ashes. Diane Bozzi loved to play bingo games with her mother. Before her mother died in 2002Diane promised her that she would take some of her ashes with her when she played bingo. Her mother hoped her ashes would bring Diane Good luck. Diane made good on her promise and carried some of her mother’s ashes in an urn when she played bingo.

Unfortunately a thief was targeting parked cars in what police described as a crime spree and saw Diane’s bingo bag. Diane described the incident and told reporters “And I looked in the back seat and saw my bingo bag was gone, and that’s where all my paraphernalia was, and my mother was in that bag because I was planning on going to the senior bingo that day.” Diane is now pleading for the thief to have a heart and return her mother’s ashes and police are investigating the numerous thefts from unlocked autos.

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