Offline vs. Online Bingo-the Difference

Bingo is a random game of chance and should be treated as such. The game is extremely popular in several countries and the online version is gaining popularity around the world. Millions of people log on every day to play their favorite game. Mobile applications have made bingo popular with a young generation of players. Bingo went online during the dot com boom of the late 90’s and today it is more popular than ever. A large number of online bingo players have never entered a bingo hall and are only acquainted with online bingo.

There are two types of bingo players. Traditional bingo hall players may have doubts about the online version of the game. Many older players are intimidated by computers and have never used one. Some view online bingo as a solitary pursuit when nothing could be further from the truth. These bingo players tend to be older working class women. Although the game is basically the same online bingo players are a different breed. Most are young and tech savvy. The average age of the typical online bingo player is 38. Mobile bingo players are even younger and are usually in their 20’s.

Online bingo is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. This makes it convenient for those that work odd hours and night shifts. The social aspect of the game has always been important to players. Groups of friends would meet and go to their regular bingo games and enjoy each other’s company. Many traditional bingo players feel that there is not the same social aspect to online bingo games. Bingo halls offer in person social interaction and players can talk and enjoy playing with their friends. Online bingo sites have spent a lot of money trying to bring social interaction to online bingo through the use of chat rooms and message boards.

One big difference between offline and online bingo is the use of bonuses and promotions. Bingo halls do not offer bonuses and most do not offer promotions. Most bingo sites award significant bonuses just for signing up and making a deposit. In fact, most online bingo sites award bonuses with every deposit and most offer free bingo games. Most have player loyalty programs and regular promotions that brick and mortar bingo halls cannot match.

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