Online Bingo Affiliate Marketing Explained

The internet has changed the way most companies do business. Retailers can set up websites and market their products without the expense of maintaining a large physical plant or office. Many economists say that in the near future most people will conduct business online. Affiliate marketing has enabled those with popular blogs and websites to make some extra cash with very little effort. Basically affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy where one business rewards an affiliate for sending customers their way. The affiliate market is hugs and many webmasters make a nice living off of their affiliate income. Essentially one website drives traffic to another and the affiliate is rewarded for each new customer.

Bingo sites use affiliate marketing to attract new players. In the UK and Europe online bingo is very popular and millions play at online bingo sites regularly. Many economists and experts say the online bingo has been recession resistant making it very attractive for affiliate marketers. Today the UK online bingo market is worth $2 billion annually. Bingo affiliates are different than most casino affiliates. Online bingo affiliates are paid a percentage of what their players lose instead of a pay per click type program. There are two ways online bingo affiliate programs enable affiliates to make money.

Affiliates can be paid according to what is known as revenue share. The affiliate takes a share of what their referrals lost at the bingo site. The percentage varies at different online bingo sites. Generally the average revenue share for most online casino affiliates is about 25%. If the affiliate sends a high roller to the site the rewards can be quite large.

Some affiliate programs pay according to cost per action. (CPA) The affiliate is paid for each real player they refer to the bingo site. Usually the player must wager a certain amount to be considered a ‘real’ player.

Which option to use depends on the targeted audience. If the affiliate’s visitors are affluent and wager large sums of money the revenue sharing is probably the best and most lucrative option. Some online bingo operators will offer affiliates higher revenue shares if the affiliate is sending them several players. Because of intense industry competition bingo operators are looking for every player they can acquire. For affiliates with less affluent visitors the CPA is probably the better option. Generally the bingo operator will place clickable banner ads on an affiliate site and the real effort required to generate income is minimal. Although affiliate marketing is relatively new it can enable webmasters to generate a decent income with very little effort.

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