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Internet bingo providers have used several marketing methods to promote their individual bingo sites.  Bingo sites have recently engaged in an extensive television advertising campaign in the UK. Bingo sites have spent millions to promote brand awareness. Most bingo sites have also hired Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts to increase web visibility. Internet marketing is now a big business yet the costs for internet marketing remain surprisingly low compared to more traditional marketing methods. Many bingo sites employ full time internet marketing specialists. Affiliate marketing has become popular among bingo providers. Exactly what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy in which a business rewards another business, or affiliate, for every customer or site visitor provided by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. Basically one web business rewards another for sending customers to their website.

The high customer retention rate of internet bingo sites makes the industry perfect for affiliate marketing. Currently internet bingo is the fastest growing sector of the online gaming industry and is a two billion dollar a year business.  While players at bingo sites do not wager large amounts of money they love the game and are fond of the community atmosphere at most bingo sites. Online bingo communities are the key to player retention and if players referred by affiliates like the games and community they are likely to become long term customers. Players at online casinos and poker sites tend to jump from site to site chasing bingo bonuses but bingo players are usually loyal to one site and will make deposits on a regular basis.

Affiliates of online bingo sites usually earn a commission for each player referred. Generally online bingo affiliate programs will pay commissions of 20% to 30% of the total purchase amount. Some affiliate programs offer a flat fee for every player referred by the affiliate. This form of affiliate marketing is known as a Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA) and commissions can range from $50 to as much as $200. Businesses considering a bingo affiliate program should look for certain website characteristics. Chat rooms are particularly important and can indicate a strong sense of community among players. The key to making money as a bingo affiliate is to advertise and promote bingo sites with high player retention rates. Of course the overall quality of any bingo site should be a key consideration. Online bingo affiliate programs can be very lucrative for affiliates and online bingo is still a growth industry.


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