Online Bingo and Player Odds

Gamblers have been seeking magic formulas for winning for centuries and so far no one has succeeded. Think about it for a minute; if someone had come up with the perfect formula for winning a certain game or games the world would be full of gambling millionaires and billionaires. There are certain games such as poker where skill is a factor but most gambling games have too many variables for a simple mathematical formula to be devised. Online bingo is a very simple game to play and there are many subtle variables that change the odds with each game. On expert said that the odds of winning any internet bingo games are proportionate to the number of players in any game at online bingo sites.

There are some myths associated with online bingo. Some players believe that the odds of winning games at online bingo sites increases when certain numerical patterns are in play. Bingo odds are difficult if not impossible to predict and put into a simple formula. The odds of a number being called that will match one on a player’s card are the same as any binary activity-50/50. The only element of skill required to play bingo is the ability to mark cards accurately as the numbers are called. At online bingo sites this is not a concern because of the auto daub feature found on most online bingo sites.

As has been mentioned the odds of winning a game at an online bingo site is directly proportional to the number of people playing the game. The fewer the number of people playing the better the odds of winning but in many cases the payout will be smaller. At land based bingo halls the payout from small bingo games will always be smaller due to legal requirements and operating expenses. One of the advantages of playing at online bingo sites is that the number of players in any particular game is not limited to the number of people who can fit into a land based bingo hall. This means that the jackpots can be huge especially progressive jackpots.

What makes playing at online bingo sites so exciting is the games randomness and unpredictability. Since no two bingo cards are alike it is impossible to predict the outcome of any game or calculate the odds of any game mathematically. Online bingo is probably one of the fairest gambling games on the internet. Because bingo is so simple the nature of the game makes it difficult for unscrupulous operators to manipulate. Everyone playing at online bingo sites such as BingoHouse has an equal chance of winning that big jackpot!

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